Know About The Popular Social Media Software

When we talk about software, we cannot restrict it to one particular field. Though software industry is the main industry that concentrates on developing software, the software that is being developed is used in almost all fields. Be aware that software is used everywhere. Almost no fields are without the use of software these days. Whether it is a small business or some kind of research institute, everybody uses some software for their work; that does not mean that software is used only for the work, they are used even at home as a part of the entertainment.


Yes, there are various software that are used by kids, teenagers, and adults to keep themselves engaged. One type of software they get engaged themselves is games. There is a variety of games software; educational, adventures, strategy, kids and lots more. Another type of entertainment is interacting with people around the world through the network with the help of social media software. This type of software helps people from different part of the world to interact easily. One can even make new friends. It teaches us that age and looks are not very important to make friends. People from different parts of the world can make good friends if their taste and their way of thinking match.


Popular social media software


Similar to the games software there are many social media software that is developed. Still, many software applications are being developed. Some of the most popular social media software that is used by people from different parts of the world are Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Instagram.




This is the most popular social media these days; one can create an account for themselves and connect with friends and family. One can post pictures or videos for others to see and also post text messages which other people can share and like.




This is more a short texting service. One can write messages within 140 characters, though they have relaxed it now when using images or quotes in addition to these messages. One can also retweet it and there can be followers for us and one can also follow celebrities.




This is again for connecting with friends and family but this is from mobile rather than on a platform, unlike Facebook. Here as well one can share text, photos or videos. There is no concept of like here, however, one can form groups with 255 people and can chat with school and college friends or people from the same family tree. Check out this website for further details about Social Media.




This is more like twitter but only for images. Here as well, people can like your pictures and view them and add comments. One can also follow celebrities or family, friends, here and see whenever they post. This social media is best used for brand building. A single picture speaks more than a thousand words is very true when it comes to brand building with Instagram.




This is only for videos, where one can create their own channel and members can subscribe to the channel and see the content. One can also add advertisements in these videos and earn money as well. Social Media Marketing Archives - Social - Buffer Blog.


Though these are popular, there is various other social media software that is used worldwide. Some of them are


Reddit: Similar to the above social media tools Reddit is also mainly used for sharing information with others. But, in other away it is different from facebook, twitter, and stuff. Here people share everything, stories, links and information that they think are interesting. You can also up vote if you like something that is being shared and can also down vote them if you don’t like. One can also get engage themselves in Subreddit which lets people discuss interesting topics.


Delicious: It brings you a way to share important links among the community. One need not go in search for the best links when exploring a topic. People who have already explored about the particular topic might have bookmarked certain links; you can easily use it to understand about the topic.  Companies can also create a separate account to share important links among their employees. Still, there are many social Medias that are widely used today; Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Flickr, Tagged and many more.  Simple words can make you understand what it is, but you can know it much better only when you create an account and start using it.